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Loot items from Player vs. Player Drops


Grease Gun (A/D 2/0)
Colt 45 (A/D 2/4)
Micro Uzi (A/D 4/3)
Hunting Rifle (A/D 5/3)
Steyr AUG (A/D 7/6) - (first drop at lvl 22)
M14 Sniper Rifle (A/D 9/7)  - (first drop at lvl 24)
M4 Shotgun (A/D 9/8)  - (first drop at lvl 24)
Bloody AK (A/D 15/11) - (first drop at lvl 28)
Skull Shotgun (A/D 18/7) - (first drop at lvl 54)
M72 Rocket Launcher (A/D 19/14)

Melee WeaponsEdit

Pocket Knife (Melee, A/D 3/1)
Butterfly Knife (Melee, A/D 5/5)
Nail Bait (Melee A/D 7/5) - (first drop at level 50)
Samurai Knife (A/D 9/13) - (first drop at lvl 26)


Green Beret (A/D 2/3)
Army Helmet (A/D 3/6)
Wrestler Mask (A/D 4/7)
Boxing Trunks (A/D 6/8) - (first drop at lvl 30)
Police Armour (A/D 5/14) - (first drop at lvl 50)


Armoured Police Truck (A/D 4/19) - (first drop at lvl 52)
Pimp's Lowrider (A/D 16/9)

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