Beach Bums: Mid Rankd Syndicate (Top 650) Lookin 4 Active Team Players - Join 'Beach Bums' 198-933-432 ASAP

After this war we will be cutting dead weight and will have atleast space for 10 active fighters!
We need members to help run the team and make it stronger!
No minimum donation required. Just donate what you can afford.During the Battle we expect you to earn a minimum of 4000 IP to stay in syndicate.


Melee Defense 5/5
Building Defense 5/5
Gun Defense 5/5
Respect 5/5
Car Defense 5/5
Armor Defense 5/5
Building output 5/5
Explosive Defense 5/5
Job Payout 5/5
Armor attack 5/5
Melee Attack 4/5
Hideout Health 3/5
Hideout Damage 3/5
Explosive Attack 3/5
Car Attack 2/5
Gun Attack 3/5
Guild increase 56

Defense Leader 1.8 Mill

Only looking for Active Players, Min Stats 600K, who will participate in Boss Fights and Battle Wkds and follow our easy guidelines.

Hourly/Daily players ~ Inactivity will result in removal

Minimum Required Stats

Level 1-99 stats x 4000
Level 100-150 stats x 7000
Level 150-200 stats x 8000
Level 200+  stats x 10000

Get in after the war!
Invite code: 198-933-432

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